Victim Safety First



Victim Safety First(VSF) is the oldest, most trusted GPS/Electronic monitoring company in Texas. The mission of VSF is to improve public safety through quality GPS monitoring. To assist individuals in satisfying the requirements of bond or court ordered supervision,  promoting  positive change in their behavior and above all, ensure Victim Safety First.



Victim Safety First, with Omnilink, offers the first single unit monitoring technology that delivers reliable and accurate information. This groundbreaking technology provides the real-time location of people and valuable assets through unique location-based services technology that goes beyond traditional GPS.                                                                                             

Today’s Industry Challenges

Ø   Overloaded probation and pretrial case loads 

Ø  Jail over crowding

Ø  High incarceration costs

Ø  Family Violence and protective order enforcement

Ø  Increasing gang and juvenile populations




  • Installation and 24/7 monitoring technology 
    tracks offenders when a probation officer cannot
  • Flexible according to court sentence 
    multiple levels of monitoring, including high intensity, low intensity, and house arrest
  • 24/7 surveillance is a fraction of the cost of incarceration   ($12 vs. $50 a day)
  • Enforces court protection orders
    ffenders still "supervised" even when out of jail.
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